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How to Participate

  1. Complete this online RCRP form.
  2. In order to open an account at Fidelity, complete this online form. Our Plan ID is 19000. For your date of hire, you should enter the approximate date you signed up as a participant in the Rabbis and Cantors Retirement Plan. As well, after completing the on-line form, you will need to complete the Fidelity Beneficiary Form and mail it to the address on the form. 
  3. Complete the Employer Adoption Agreement
    • If you are employed by a synagogue, the synagogue must complete the online Employer Adoption Agreement found here.
    • If you are employed by another non-profit, then the non-profit can either submit your contributions for you or you can contribute directly. A non-profit which is not a synagogue should not complete the adoption agreement.
    • If you are self-employed, you need to participate in the plan directly and should complete the Adoption Agreement found here. (You should check the box in Section A, option 2.)
  4. If your employer will be deducting your contributions from your paycheck, you should complete the Fidelity Salary Deferral Form, and give it to your employer. This form does not have to be submitted to Fidelity or to us.

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