About the Plan

The Rabbis and Cantors Retirement Plan (“the Plan”) is dedicated to the best interests of its participants. It is operated by the non-profit Rabbis and Cantors Retirement Board (“RCRB”), incorporated in 2012. Jewish clergy may participate regardless of Jewish denomination. More than 90 participants across the denominational spectrum currently maintain individual accounts in the Plan, with total Plan assets of more than $12 million to date.

The Plan is a 403(b)(9) plan (a “church plan” in IRS language). As a church plan, the Plan has advantages over regular 403(b) plans, including the ability to designate tax-free distributions in retirement as parsonage for its participants.

The RCRB Board consists of up to thirteen unpaid voting Directors, nine of whom are appointed and may be removed by the Synagogue Council of Massachusetts, Inc., an association of Jewish congregations, in compliance with IRS requirements for a church plan. The other four voting Directors are elected by the Board. Non-voting representatives of supporting organizations participate ex officio.

The RCRB Directors as of May 2017 are:

Cantor Paul Buch, Chair
Rabbi Robert Tabak, Vice-chair
Jeremy Hockenstein, Treasurer
Rabbi Van Lanckton, Secretary
Rabbi Meryl Crean
Jevin Eagle
Jay Sage
Rabbi Regina Sandler-Phillips
Rabbi Karen Silberman
Rabbanit Alissa Thomas-Newborn
Rabbi Ari Weiss

Dr. David Bernat, ex officio for Synagogue Council of Massachusetts
Rabbi Elyse Wechterman, ex officio for Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association